Heavenly House of Hope

Ms. Fleming
Baton Rouge, LA 70815, USA

Heavenly House of Hope

Location 13317 S Choctaw Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70815, USA
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Heavenly House of Hope is a nonprofit charity that provides support to men and women of all generations in the Baton Rouge community. The organization helps with professional attire for
interviews and conservative work atmosphere.
The service is designed for veterans and other eligible individuals that can not financially afford to purchase such items.

Donations are given from various sources all around the Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi area.

The founder (Ms. Fleming) has a genuine interest in improving the self esteem and confidence of young men and women in the Baton Rouge area that are currently going through hard times. Heavenly House of Hope provides this service at no cost at all to the eligible citizens in the Baton Rouge community.

Your donations of goods, money, and services are always gladly appreciated.

To give or receive support, you may contact us at:
(225) 803-5903

(By Appointment Only)