About Us

BarterUpOnline was founded July 2015 in the backwoods of Natchez, Mississippi. After bartering, swapping, and trading with a small circle of friends and family, the founder of BarterUpOnline decided to create a central location for potential traders from all walks of life to gather together. The purpose here is not to buy and sell goods, but to be a platform to meet, greet, and trade.

Today, BarterUpOnline is a fully operational marketplace based out of Killeen, Texas. BarterUpOnline’s trading platform provides an answer to its clients’ immediate needs and wants. BarterUpOnline was designed with maximizing successful trades in mind throughout: a user-friendly website, the lowest cost possible, and increasing opportunities for client trade.


BarterUpOnline offers its users assistance in helping them find certain items that they may be looking for.

Value of Time

Services turn time into money. (Using your free time to do random odd jobs in exchange for items of value.)

Saving Money

Bartering requires no money; you’re simply exchanging items and services of equal value, without paying cash.


Most items work just the same whether they are used or new. (Such as: hand tools, clothes, and decorative items.)

Mission Statement

Our goal is to help you get rid of items you don't want, in exchange for something you need, want, or can use. Let us help you find someone willing to trade with you today.

Post items left over after your garage sale. Annual Membership: $1 a month (billed $12 once a year) or Monthly Membership: $2 a month (billed once a month)

Barter, Swap, and Trade with items "ALREADY LISTED" on this website — for FREE!

Advertise your Personal Items, Small Business, or Upcoming Garage Sale. (Advertisements are $3 for every thirty days.)


Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

This U.S. Navy veteran has been bartering and trading for the last 20 years; trading everything from puppies, rims, and livestock to providing services such as carpentry, motorcycle repair, and financial education all in exchange for something of equal or greater value. Ishmael is very knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and mission-driven. He is a well-respected "Problem Solver". His bartering experience is a tremendous asset to this company.

  • Master of Science in Accountancy, University of Phoenix
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Maryland University College
  • Associate of Arts in Construction Technology, Coastline Community College
  • Journeyman Licensed in Carpentry Construction, Department of Labor
  • Career Diploma in Motorcycle Repair, Penn Foster Community College